Stigma of mental health

Everyone knows that mental health disorders come with a big ugly stigma that so many people don’t want to be labeled. This stigma often makes people afraid to seek help. When I was first reaching out for help my own mother told me that I should not seek help because I would from that point on be “labeled differently”. I know she meant it in the nicest possible way but honestly I don’t think she understood just how much help I needed at the time. My mom is one of those women who believe in ones image being everything, and everything has to be perfect at least on the outside. She did not want me unfairly labeled as crazy or different because of my anxiety and even my ADHD as a child. When my mom responded like this about me being different or having a label I immediately shut down and did not want to talk about me seeking help to her or anyone else. I felt like seeking help was wrong and I shouldn’t be different. I know my mom well enough to know that she did not mean what she said in a bad way and never meant to hurt me, and that was her way of trying to protect me, but it still did not feel good to know that my mom of all people was not supportive of me seeking a help that I do desperately needed. Needless to say I have moved past being scared of the stigma, which I think was able to happen because of my new found mental clarity that I would have never had if I had not sought out help. I recently read an article about how the stigma of mental health is causing so many more problems than the actual mental illness itself and it causes mental illnesses to become worse and worse especially in the era of social media. So many people spend time comparing themselves to others and then they become more and more obsessed with perfection which then causes heightened anxiety because they cannot ever achieve exactly what everyone else has and nine times out of ten what we see is not the whole picture. So many people give a tiny glimpse of their lives on social media, only the shiny sparkly parts of life that people want us to see, we don’t see the bad or the whole picture. When people who are already anxious or suffering see perfection on a daily basis over and over they begin to feel inadequate and they begin to feel even more and more anxious and depressed and then withdrawn. I am sure there are more in depth things that happen when someone who has a mental illness is scared of the stigma of being diagnosed with something is immersed in social media, but that is another topic for another day. The stigma of social media is another label that so many people want nothing more than to shed, and I think if it was ever possible to shed this stigma more people would seek help. I am a big believer in education, and I feel that the only way to get rid of this stigma (if it is even possible to completely eradicate this stigma) is to educate people. Education is the only way that people will be able to discover that having a mental illness is not as awful as it was once believed to be. My goal with this blog is to help and educate people on how to seek help, and how to deal with having a mental illness. More later xoxo


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