Living with ADHD

Living with ADHD is a struggle to say the least for me, I have had my moments of struggle and I’ve had my moments of victory with it, but as of late it has been a big time struggle. Having ADHD can be a great thing because often your mind moves so fast you can accomplish so many things really quickly, but it did not help but it hurt my many aspects of my life. As a child I was the kid that got in trouble all the time for talking and being out of my seat, but I also had a fear of disappointing my parents so I learned quickly to clean up my act enough to not get in trouble for behavior, and I became sneakier. I was smart enough to get away with out paying attention in school because school always came very naturally to me. I still to this day can sit in a class and not pay attention but some how miraculously I can pass any test put in front of me on the class I sat through yet did not pay attention to. School and work have never been an issue, as a nurse we have to take care of what is most important in front of us, and the other (non life threatening things) can be pushed to the side, which is sorta what living with ADHD is like. I honestly equate it to living in a house where several things are on fire, yet you can only put out a certain number of fires at a time, you have to pick and choose what you want to save at the time, and the rest burns up. So many times all I could do was what required immediate attention such as getting my child to practice, or getting myself to work, I could not wrap my brain around consistently doing things that I needed to do, such as meal preping or even simple things like making my bed every day, those things were not urgent or non-emergent. Sure I would do them for awhile and things would be fine, but then I would get busy with life and those things would not be a priority anymore, even thought I wanted more than anything to do them, I would be so easily distracted so I would forget about them and how important they were to me. Forgetting about things that I know that are important to me like meal prepping and buying healthy groceries caused me to struggle in so many ways. Obviously I am still on a journey to get healthy and lose weight but do you have any idea how hard it is to do that when you simply can not figure out how to prioritize things so that you can accomplish healthy habits? Yes I realize that this sounds like excuses but it is not just an excuse its the honest truth, the raw and ugly truth of living with ADHD when you are un-medicated. With the help of medication I am learning that so many things that I started and wanted to do never got finished, or I bought things like makeup and I never used it, or I bought products like facial cleaners and forgot all about them because I simply moved on to more important things. With ADHD your brain moves so fast that you forget quite a bit, you do things with the best of intentions but you often cannot complete a task. You start a week with the goal to eat right and not eat out, and something comes up which causes you to have to not cook and you end up eating out, and you end up letting the healthy food you bought at home go to waste. ADHD is a vicious cycle, that often takes a toll on so many people, not just the person that is suffering with it, families get frustrated when they do not understand why someone does the things that they do, or why they can never fully complete a task, or why they cant complete a project that has several steps because they just simply cant focus enough to get through the steps to complete a project. I cold go on and on with examples of what living with ADHD is like, and I know that it is very difficult for anyone suffering from it. My hope is that this post touches just one person so that they may know that they are not alone and if they are scared to reach out for help they might gain some sort of courage from this post to seek help. Asking for help is life changing, and it will do you a world of good if you can get the right help from the right people. Until next time- Katie


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