At the end of every month as a child my father would make us recap our month and then set goals for the following month. I hated it at the time, but the older I get the more I enjoy recapping and goal setting, so I am going to recap and set goals at the end and beginning of every month here on the blog.

January has been a super long exhausting month, but it has been a good month for me, my January started in Georgia, and then I very quickly came home for one night only to pack and head out the next day for a trip to New York City for Claires 13th birthday. We had a wonderful time, but how am I old enough to have a 13 year old? I can’t be that old can I?

I have been busier than I have ever been this January and I have been working on several projects that I hope will pay off soon one is this blog. I have also spent most Saturday’s working at the hospital, which has made me realize just how much I miss direct patient care. Also very exciting is that I bought a new car, which I love. I have also made it a point to get out of my comfort zone in so many ways. I am working on being transparent in my life, for so many years I have been very walled up and almost secretive because I always felt like if anyone knew too much about me they could use that information to hurt me. This is causing me to learn to live in my own skin and be comfortable with myself as whole, and to not be so scared about letting people in.

This month I have also learned that I have often accepted less than I deserve, and I have not made people treat me how I should be treated. If I don’t treat myself well, how can I expect anyone to treat me well either? I have made a decision to end a relationship because I expect to be treated a certain way and I am not being treated that way so my only options are to put up with it, or leave. I am choosing the later. I have also made a conscious effort to clean up my diet and my finances, buying a new car hasn’t exactly helped me clean up my finances but I have brought my lunch to work most days, and I have also brought my breakfast to work most days which has been a first for me because I always went through a phase of “seeking the easier task” which caused me to buy breakfast and order out for lunch which can be pretty costly.

I am super excited to see what February holds, I will be posting a few of my February goals tomorrow so that hopefully I can inspire others to set goals and reflect on them at the end of the month!


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