Self Care Sunday

Have you ever heard the saying ” You can’t take care of others, if you don’t take care of yourself first”? So many times as women we burn the candle at both ends trying to make sure that everyone around us is taken care of in so many ways, mentally, physically and in some cases even sexually. Plain and simple we have a really bad habit of putting others needs ahead of our own.

After completing the marathon month of January, I finally took some time to care for me, and it dawned on me just how wonderful a trip to Starbucks, a trip to the nail salon, and a trip to target all alone was. I love my family and I miss them when I am not around, but sometimes you just need some alone time. It doesn’t have to be hours of alone time, and spending money isn’t always necessary but to take some time to sit back and relax and reflect on the business of life is blissful. I feel so refreshed to have been allowed three hours at my will to get a mani/pedi and simply walk around target. I had no plans for buying anything at target, but of course I did, but I simply got a basket and walked around checking out all the cool and new times that target has, I started in the grocery section and worked my way through target checking out the clearance sections in each department.

When I was done I felt so renewed, and ready to conquer the upcoming week. My thinking immediately became clearer and I immediately began thinking of ideas of things to blog. I want to continue to work on doing one thing for myself every Sunday to relax and prepare for the upcoming week. It is my hope that I can inspire women to take some time every Sunday to care for themselves.


Author: diaryofadallasgirl

Lifestyle Bloggin’, mama struggling with the teenage years, on my own personal journey to mental and physical health, while struggling with ADHD/Anxiety. Working every day to build myself stronger while building my empire one day at a time. Total shopaholic, world traveler, foodie, Texan, Aggie, nurse, foodie, lover of all things beautiful and empowering. 📍Dallas, TX 💌

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