Do you ever just feel like there is more to life that you haven’t experienced yet? Do you feel like the current position of your life is at a standstill and the last thing you want is to stay there? Often times I feel like it is comfortable to be complacent with life, and challenging yourself to move forward is harder than staying comfortable. This applies to relationships, careers, friendships, and pretty much everything in life. As someone who battles anxiety it is very hard not to stick to “the safest possible option” because anxiety creates and extreme fear of living, at least it did for me. Any tiny tiptoe outside of my comfort zone scares the heck out of me, but I also find that once I get past that fear and achieve what I am wishing to achieve I feel a million times more inspired and victorious. Being anxious can cause serious complacency in the lives of so many, and it has even caused some in my own life, but as my goal for 2019 states, I want to grow as a person and hopefully conquer my fears and anxiety at all cost. It has taken a long time to realize that being complacent is way scarier than actually facing my fears. That is also behind my goal of transparency, being completely transparent is very new to me, I have always wanted to hide certain parts of myself, because I never wanted anyone to have enough info or dirt about me that could potentially hurt me. I am learning that it is okay to be transparent, and it is okay to have thick skin, and you are only hurt by something if you allow what someone says to affect you. 

For years I spent time in a perpetual prison that I created for myself because I was afraid of what someone might say to me, or how someone might react to something I’ve said.  I will be the first one to tell you that it is no way to live your life, living in fear of everything. The only way to break free is to face your fears, and learn to handle negativity with grace. Personally I haven’t received much negative feedback but I am still preparing myself mentally for the day and time when I do receive that negative feedback that stings. I am very much a people pleaser and I do not like feeling that I have hurt or upset anyone, but I do realize that for my own happiness, I must be able to step beyond my comfort zone and I must put myself out there.  Hiding yourself only punishes you, not the people you are hiding from. Here’s to taking that step, suppressing that fear and getting out of your comfort zone in anything you choose in life.


Author: diaryofadallasgirl

Lifestyle Bloggin’, mama struggling with the teenage years, on my own personal journey to mental and physical health, while struggling with ADHD/Anxiety. Working every day to build myself stronger while building my empire one day at a time. Total shopaholic, world traveler, foodie, Texan, Aggie, nurse, foodie, lover of all things beautiful and empowering. 📍Dallas, TX 💌

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