Knowing your worth

Why do we as women often sell ourselves short and accept less than we are worth? I’m talking relationships here, but this can also be applied to careers, and pretty much everything related to female life. Women tend to get complacent and they fear leaving what is comfortable, and like it or not we often pouring so much in to everyone else we forget just how great we are. I have been talking with one of my friends who is going through a divorce, she has just started dating again, and she is experiencing something with her new guy that she reached out to me for help with. I found this funny because I give better advice than you would expect considering my current situation. She began dating this new guy not long after she and her husband split, he knew of her divorce, and was also recently divorced. He has two kids and she has three kids. He is still very involved in his ex wife life, not just his child’s life. Her problem was that he was spending the night at the ex wife’s house and she felt as it was disrespectful to their relationship, and when she brought it up he made her feel as if she was in the wrong for questioning this. I’m just going to stop right here and say this Ladies, a man should NEVER ever make you feel wrong for questioning anything that goes on in your relationship, no matter what the circumstance. If he cannot make you feel secure and quiet your insecurities or questions he is not the man for you. As women we let men tell us that we are crazy when we question them and we are not only selling ourselves short we are doing a disservice to any other woman they end up dating in the future. They know that telling a woman she is crazy will work and they also know that making her feel like she has done something wrong when she questions them will eventually stop the questioning, or at least they hope it will.

Ladies do me a favor, and just check out the dating app “tinder” seriously, go look at the men that are out there trying to pick up women. They are either too hot and look like underwear models, which my suspicions lead me to think they are fake profiles to attract women in to thinking they have a chance with some 25 year old with washboard abs. Forget those, look at the other so called men on there, 90% of them are pathetic, they don’t even properly groom themselves yet we are expected to swoon? Everyone knows that tinder is for hook ups, I mean you’d be a fool to think otherwise, but the fact that men are on a site that is used to get laid and they don’t put in the effort to post pictures of themselves representing themselves as men, baffles me. They are simply over grown Peter Pan boys who have obviously had some success with getting laid looking like a bum, and who’s fault is that? Simply put, our fault as women. I do not care how lonely you are, there is no reason for you to accept a guy ( I can’t even call them men) who does not put in some effort to attract you, and keep you. By nature men are hunters, its bred in to their DNA, when they have to “hunt” for you, they are more than likely more apt to put in effort for you. No matter how hard it is, do not lessen yourself to accept attention from one of these guys who do not even put effort in to presenting themselves in a semi decent manner.

Ladies we are strong and intelligent, on a bad day most of us can outsmart even the smartest of men, but we must hold out for a man who is willing to put us on a pedestal and who is going to cherish and adore you no matter what. He must also be willing to put up with your crazy, yes I know that sounds funny, but if you get in to an argument and he can’t deal with you being you, then turn around and run. In any relationship you are going to have fights, and ladies you are going to be crazy, it is part of being female. If a man cannot deal with you being a little crazy, he is not the man for you, keep looking till you find him. Do not settle for anything less, you are so deserving of a man who will put up with you and will prove to you that no matter what he will put up with you, and will go out of his way to assure you. Yes all of these things are attainable, you just have to realize what you will and will not accept and be strong enough to say “no I will not accept less than I deserve”.


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