Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind?

Ah yes, it is that time of year again time to spend the weekend in Fort Worth for not only the ACA Cheer Competition, but the Fort Worth Stock Show. It’s a cold and nasty day in North Texas, we are expecting possible snow tonight. C is cheering for CA this year so it has been an exciting season to say the least. We are hoping to get a Bid to Summit at Disney in May. Cheer mommin’ isn’t easy but it’s so much fun. Competition was so early this morning, we had to leave Dallas at 6:30 to be here in time to make warm ups at 8 am. Packing late last night and getting up at the butt crack of dawn never is fun, but we are staying in FTW tonight.

Since our performance was early today we had the chance to go to Joe T. Garcia’s with some friends for lunch. Joe T’s is a great Fort Worth classic Mexican Restaurant just out side of the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards. They serve most of their meals family style and have a limited menu of traditional Mexican food staples. I had the small classic plate which consisted of 1 cheese nacho, one taco, and one cheese enchilada. The food is good but a little pricey.

After a long lunch we decided to go and freeze at the Fort Worth Stock Show, today is the last day, and due to the weather everything pretty much was closing down early. So we headed to the hotel and we are hanging out, relaxing while trying to figure out what kind of trouble we can get in to for the rest of the night. I think we might head to dinner and then head down to the stockyards depending on if the rain holds off.

We have a pretty early morning warmup time so we will probably hit the hay early (did you notice that reference to farm living since we are in cowtown and all).

I will add more in about our night and add an update about how the competition goes tomorrow. Xoxo


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