Fear of visiting the doctor?

How many of you fear a trip to the doctor or dentist? I personally do, I find it becoming one of the most stressful things to me. I haven’t always experienced anxiety before going to the doctor, but recently it has become more and more anxiety provoking. I have this fear of my blood pressure being high, which then makes my blood pressure higher, although it’s never high enough to be considered hypertension, but it’s still very fear provoking for me. I do not know if it’s the waiting to be called back or if it’s the actual visit, or if it’s the fact that I know enough to know what is going on

  • When I go to the psychiatrist I get so anxious, I start to exhibit more physical symptoms such as nausea and a rapid heart beat.
  • When I go to the dentist I become very anxious and also have what feels like an out of body experience, I am physically there but I’m not mentally there and my heart begins to beat extremely fast.
  • When I go to the actual doctor there is a lot of avoidance, I will put off either making an appointment or I will look for any reason to cancel or reschedule so that I do not have to go.

Today I let my allergies get so out of hand to the point where I could not care for them at home, so I had two choices, be miserable or go in. I finally felt so bad that my only choice was to go in today. I kept making excuses to put it off later and I kept feeling worse and worse when my coworker pretty much made me go.

  • I went to Trusted ER Hillcrest and they had me back so fast, and had me talking with a provider so fast that my anxiety did not really have time to build. I walked in, and sat down for a second, and before I knew it I was in a room with both a nurse and a doctor. I felt like they listened to me, and they heard my concerns and they also took great care of me. I realize that not all providers can be like this, I can’t be the only patient every time, but it was nice for sure. I think it might have made me feel a little better about being anxious at the doctors offices. I really would love to face my fears and conquer some of my anxiety, because I feel like if I continually avoid it, eventually I will become completely avoidant of everything that causes anxiety. I try and talk myself out of anxiety and it does not seem to help, it seems to make it worse. After doing some research online I found a few tips I want to try.
  • Schedule your appointment at a good time of the day
  • Have your vitals taken last
  • Be honest with your providers about your anxiety
  • Mentally prepare for your visit
  • Control your breathing- focus on your breathing.
  • Write down your concerns so that your anxiety doesn’t take over and you forget to bring up something to your doctor
  • Seek out a provider that you feel comfortable with
  • I do appreciate Trusted ER for taking care such good care of me, and making me feel comfortable. They have really nice waiting rooms and rooms as well, and if you are needing an emergency room or even an urgent care check them out! They are really great!


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