Blown away by love!

You guys have simply blown me off my feet with all the love and support you’ve given me with my blog. This is an idea I’ve had for awhile now and I have been kicking it around for awhile now I just never thought anyone would ever want to read my blog.

This blog has taken so many turns over the past few weeks. It started as a place to chronicle my battles with mental health, and then it turned in to a sounding board for my relationship issues, then it turned in to a product review page. I have so many ideas for this space, I want it to be a place for women to know that they are not along in anything they might be facing. I want them to know that this is a positive uplifting place for them to find inspiration. I also want to use it as a place where I can share my favorite products and my travels, and how I find the best deals on certain every day products.

So here’s my question to you! What do YOU want to see on the blog? What do you enjoy reading? What would make you feel better to read about in this crazy hectic world? What do you like about my blog? What do you not like? I’ve got thick skin so I can handle it, and I want you guys to help me grow. The only way I can grow is to take what I’m told and run with it!

Drop me a comment and let me know what you think!


Author: diaryofadallasgirl

Lifestyle Bloggin’, mama struggling with the teenage years, on my own personal journey to mental and physical health, while struggling with ADHD/Anxiety. Working every day to build myself stronger while building my empire one day at a time. Total shopaholic, world traveler, foodie, Texan, Aggie, nurse, foodie, lover of all things beautiful and empowering. 📍Dallas, TX 💌

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