Decrease in sleep = Increase in anxiety?

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t get sleep you have an increase in your anxiety? I recently have been going through a rough time in my personal life, nothing major just really high anxiety and no real sleep to speak of. I went to Atlanta this weekend and only had a short window to try and cram so many visits in such a short period of time so my sleep over the weekend was little to none, but that is expected when you are trying to cram every possible thing in to every possible second.

Before I left I was super anxious so I did not sleep, then Friday night my flight came in late and I had to drive to where I was staying and then of course I just got in and I wanted to spend time with the people I was there to see. Saturday was the baby shower, so we had to get up and get going for the baby shower, which then turned in to a dinner party, which then turned in to another late late night, and a fight with my guy which means no sleep for Katie. Sunday came and I slept in a little, but I have probably never slept past 10 am in my entire life, no matter how hard I try, unless I’m like deathly sick it is just not happening.

With all that being said my anxiety has been through the roof, I have gone nearly a month with out using any of my PRN anxiety medications, until Sunday and then I’ve pretty much used them round the clock since Sunday. I realize there were a lot of emotional things going on this weekend that could have been the cause of my anxiety but I also feel like its a catch 22 where, yes I am emotionally drained, but I also feel like the lack of sleep does not facilitate my ability to deal with and handle emotional things.

I personally believe that most things are pretty relative and they run hand and hand, for example if you are tired you tend to crave shit foods because your body wants food that provide fuel, but the bad foods don’t provide the proper fuel so you feel even more tired.

This week my goal is to try and focus more on sleep, and relaxing to try and combat some of the anxiety I am experiencing. My plans are to also focus on the following:

  • Focus on writing before bed to relax before bed
  • Write in my prayer journal to increase relaxation before bed
  • Get in bed earlier every day to force myself to wind down earlier every night
These things have been helpful for me in the past, but I have gravitated away from this just because I’ve been super busy which I know is not an excuse but it’s reality of life. I want to hopefully put my troubled thoughts to bed before I go to bed myself, to hopefully facilitate my sleep. If you have any tips for helping sleep, that do not include pharmaceutical substances or alcohol add them in the comments or email me. I will revisit this next Monday and see if just one week of getting back to my normal sleep habits, will decrease my anxiety.


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