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Since I’ve gotten a few new followers recently( thank you guys so much) I thought this would be a great time to do an introduction about me! Let’s see where do I begin? I’m Katie, a 35 year old mom to Claire who’s 13. I live in Dallas, Texas I love it here. Texas is always my favorite state and Dallas will always be home.

I am a nurse by trade, I currently work two jobs, I love my career choice, I could not have made a better decision for myself and my family when I decided to go to nursing school. Full time I am a school nurse, where I work at an intermediate school in Dallas, and part time I still work at a hospital. I pick the days I work at the hospital, which is really nice, I decide when I am going to work and who I am going to work with. I usually make sure that I am working with my best nursing friends when I am working because it makes life so much easier. I am an Aggie, Gig ’em, class of 2014, Whoop! I am super proud of my alma mater, I feel so blessed to be apart of the Aggie family.

Now a little about my family! Claire is the best child I could ask for, aside from being a normal 13 year old who always wears her dang headphones and doesn’t always listen she is a good kid. She makes great grades in all advanced classes, and she is a competitive cheerleader for a D1 gym here in Dallas. On top of all of that she is a track athlete for school, her schedule keeps me on my toes. She also has a huge love for the band Queen, and she really is trying to convert me in to a Queen fan, hasn’t happened yet, but maybe one day.

Tyler is my boyfriend, we have been together about 8 months now, he’s from Georgia, but has family here. Funny story I actually met him through his cousin, who I went to nursing school with when he was living on the family dairy farm. We’ve been together since day one, he recently moved back to Georgia so we are trying the long distance thing. I’m not going to lie and say it’s been easy, because it hasn’t, it’s been probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but we love each other and even though we fight we some how figure out how to make it work.

I have the cutest niece named Karsyn, she is 3 and full of attitude and sass, she sometimes makes appearances on my Instagram and facebook, along with my sister Jordan (her mom). My parents sometimes make small appearances but not many because they don’t really embrace social media, if my dad is on Instagram we don’t tell him because usually he is saying something incredibly comical or something alcohol related. He runs a pretty successful business in Dallas so he’d probably not like anything inappropriate out there, but if it’s funny I have to share! I also have two dogs, Tugg and Lucy, both big brats who think they weigh like 4 lbs when in reality they are both close to 100 lbs. They were both rescues, Tugg came to live with us when his original owners could not take care of him, and Lucy was found on the side of the road.

Now for things I enjoy! I enjoy traveling, I am always looking forward to my next trip, and as soon as I have completed one trip I probably have another either ready to be booked or already booked. It is my goal to see the world if not pretty close to it. If any opportunity to travel comes across my path I am taking it, no matter what the cost, especially if it is a place I have not ever been. I really enjoy trying new restaurants as well, I always want to try new places and experience new things over going to the same places.

Like every other 30 something female, I love shopping, hello Nordstrom and Target, but more specifically I love a great deal, give me bargains and I am all in. I always try and seek the best deal for anything I am wanting to purchase! In addition to shopping I have a huge shoe obsession, shoes are probably my favorite thing to buy and shop for, anyone who has seen my Instagram knows how much I love shoes!

I also love music, not so much Queen like my daughter wishes, but I enjoy most music, and I find that the right song can instantly snap me out of a funk. I normally listen to mostly Texas Country but I have recently expanded my horizons some, and have been listening to a lot of Post Malone lately.

I love sports, mainly college football, and college sports, gotta support my Aggies, but I also enjoy NFL, of course I’m from Dallas, so you can I’m sure guess that the Cowboys are my team! As far as other sports go I am a hometown girl so I support most Dallas or Texas teams, over any other teams.

Currently I am dealing with ADHD and Anxiety, this has been a relatively new event in my life and something I have blogged about quite a bit. I have always been very high functioning and able to cope with a lot, but I have recently found that I struggled with a lot of these issues. I am learning that seeking help does not make me weak, and it is a big brave thing to do when you reach out for help, and not only that the help can be life changing if you get the right kind of help.

I am sure there is a lot more that I could add about me, but this is all I can think of off the top of my head. I hope that you enjoy my blog and I hope that you enjoy reading what I post. I believe that life should be fun and your attitude makes or breaks every situation so no matter how hard you try sometimes you just have to put on a positive face and move forward, even when it is hard! Being positive and empowering women is my goal for this blog, I want everyone who reads this to know that they are not alone, and life happens, no matter what happens there is a bright spot in every day and they can get through anything with a little hard work and love.


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Lifestyle Bloggin’, mama struggling with the teenage years, on my own personal journey to mental and physical health, while struggling with ADHD/Anxiety. Working every day to build myself stronger while building my empire one day at a time. Total shopaholic, world traveler, foodie, Texan, Aggie, nurse, foodie, lover of all things beautiful and empowering. 📍Dallas, TX 💌

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