Trendy Thursday

Happy Thursday! It’s been super busy this week with NCA practice, and NCA this weekend, so I haven’t head the chance to post much but I thought I’d post about a couple of new trends I am seeing a lot of lately. Leopard and Lavender! Leopard is coming back and I love it, I’ve always been a leopard girl, I have several pairs of leopard shoes that I adore and wear often! Lavender is also coming in for spring and I never really thought of myself as a lavender person, but I am really loving it! I recently bought a pair of lavender sketchers, check my Instagram if you want to see them! I also bought a dress that is white with lavender flowers, its really country chic, there are pictures of it also on Instagram. When I was doing a little online shopping I found a pair of shoes like my favorite leopard shoes as well as some of the other leopard and lavender items, so I thought I’d share these trends that I am digging for this spring! I hope you enjoy these finds! If you do click the picture for a link where you can purchase these lovely items!





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