Weekend Recap

I had amazing weekend right in my own backyard! This weekend was the NCA Nationals cheer competition! Claire practiced every day for a week straight for this competition, not to mention all the other weeks and months of practice that have gone in to preparing for this competition. I must say that I have to hand it to cheer athletics for the job they do with these kids. I have seen so much change in Claire since she started there almost a year ago, she went from being terrified to tumble, to today deciding that she was ready to get back in to it, she went to a demo booth, got on their rod floor and threw her round off back handspring like she had been throwing it for years non stop. It was a huge confidence booster for her. She broke her hand/arm twice tumbling and she was never the same after that, she had such a fear and avoidance she was almost ready to quit cheer when she found Cheer Athletics.

This is her coach Greyson, who I think is partly responsible for her going from ready to quit cheer to loving it, and having goals for herself with cheer.

Here is Claire and a few of her teammates with a few of the worlds team, cheetahs! If you’ve never seen a cheetahs routine check them out on YouTube, they are amazing athletes, and super nice too!

These are a few of my favorite pictures from their routine yesterday, they looked phenomenal and they also showed so much improvement!

After the competition yesterday we headed to celebrate Texas Independence Day at The Rustic! What better place to celebrate my home state, than The Rustic! They had a huge celebration with live music, ice cold beer and the best burgers around. The burgers are topped with green Chile’s and brisket, how much more Texan can you get?

Over all it was a great weekend of cheer, food, family, fun, and friends. I could not have asked for a better weekend. It was busy and it was long, but over all it was great, I am utterly exhausted but such is the life of a cheer mom.  Until next time.


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