Lazy girls guide to simple meal prepping

Meal prepping is important to my success on a weekly basis, if I don’t meal prep I am lazy and I tend to eat junk or I order out, which isn’t the healthiest thing. I had lots of plans today to go into the hospital and get some work done, but I am also struggling with my allergies right now awaiting an allergy test so I didn’t really feel like doing much. I have been taken off my allergy meds for 5 days so I feel like complete crap. After a trip to Costco this afternoon, I came home and took a long nap. When I woke up I decided I was hungry since I skipped family dinner for my nap, I opened the refrigerator and saw the taco kit that I purchased from Costco. I began to make some tacos for dinner, and I realized that these tacos were really good and I could break these tacos up into meal preps for the week.

I have previously purchased meal prep containers so I just grabbed my containers out of the pantry and began sectioning out each meal. I took a small amount of chicken and two tortillas and put them in the container, I got snack size ziplock bags and sectioned out some of the cabbage and cheese and put it in the container. Then as I was putting the cilantro cream on the tacos I was having for dinner I thought this stuff is good I’ll take some for my tacos this week. I keep the 2 oz cups with lids for meal preps so I pulled out a few of them and sectioned out the cilantro cream and placed it in the container and then sealed it up.

After meal prepping the lunches I then remembered that I bought a pack of ready made quiche for breakfast which I enjoy taking for breakfast very much. I find the quiche to be very simple and easy to take to work it heats up quickly and is pretty protein packed and healthy for a quick breakfast on the run. I prefer to make my own quiche but I did not feel like making breakfast this morning so I keep the ready made quiche for days like this. I simply take the quiche and cut it up and place it in zip lock bags so I can grab it and take it to work to warm up in the mornings. I generally warm it up for 1 min and it is perfect. It also stops me from running through McDonalds and getting junk, it saves money and calories what more could I ask for.


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