Seeing yourself through another’s eyes

Have you ever just felt like no matter what you did in life you could not get things right? You have been in a rut struggling and you’re trying to get out, and your thoughts begin to darken and you begin to feel as if you are not worthy? Once you get in that low self worth cycle your overall moral and attitude begins to decline until you find a way to snap out of it. You continue to pile negative thoughts upon your self until the weight of your thoughts becomes too much to carry all the while someone is looking at you thinking “wow she’s a bad ass chick, and she’s inspiring”. I know it sounds weird to think of seeing yourself though another’s eyes but really if someone is genuine why not take their perspective.

Personally I crave validation from others, that being said it does not mean that I cannot validate myself which I can, but my personality craves specific assurance from those important to me. I need to know that they think I am killing it at life, and as progressive as this world is in telling women we don’t need anyone in reality it feels really good to hear from someone else that they think you’re killing it! I think there is nothing wrong with seeking or even accepting validation from others, it’s a measure of how we see ourselves, it’s just better to see the good validation over anything negative any day.

My goal when I started this blog one of my main goals was to empower women and let them know that no matter how and what they struggle with there are people that think they are uplifting and really awesome. I just want everyone to see themselves the way their biggest fans see them, and that nothing that they see or feel about themselves is as bad as they feel it is.


Author: diaryofadallasgirl

Lifestyle Bloggin’, mama struggling with the teenage years, on my own personal journey to mental and physical health, while struggling with ADHD/Anxiety. Working every day to build myself stronger while building my empire one day at a time. Total shopaholic, world traveler, foodie, Texan, Aggie, nurse, foodie, lover of all things beautiful and empowering. 📍Dallas, TX 💌

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