April Goals

I am big on “new month, new beginnings, new goals”, I realize I am a few days late but I figure at this point it’s better late than never. March was a great month, but it had some rough patches, it had quite a few ups and downs, and my anxiety had some really high points, but starting therapy seems to have helped me quite a bit. I did not post a goal post for March but I did post quite a bit about my anxiety, and therapy which looking back now those were the main focus of my month, and I feel like I am better off now than I was at the beginning of the month.

For April I want to work more on my anxiety, I want to continue sessions with my therapist, I have uncovered quite a bit of things that have been bothering me and the more I uncover these things the stronger my anxiety gets, but I find the more I work through these issues the better I feel. The more therapy sessions I attend, the more I feel like I have better tools to deal with life and other issues that have been plaguing me. I have learned that I can’t control  many things but what I can do is control my reaction to certain things. I want to continue to work on my reaction to certain things, to make sure that my reaction is as positive as I possibly can make it, because the more positive I can be the less it wears on me. Negativity is like a downward spiral and once you start down that path the harder it is to turn it around.

March was not great for me financially either, I spent too much money, but I also know that I wanted to do so many things that caused my finances to kind of be all over the place. With me being so busy I did not have enough time to get in the hospital and work a million hours to supplement all of the activities that I was running around. I made it through just by the skin of my teeth, I certainly would like to be in a better position at the end of April, but I do not see that as likely because we are preparing for a Disney trip at the beginning of May. It will be okay though, money is meant to be made and meant to be spent, but I also know that I like to have a little nest egg to fall back on and my nest is getting real tiny, haha!

In April I want to focus on blogging more, I know it seems like I have put the blog to the side and I have but I need to get back to it. I think my anxiety was just too high and I was too mentally unstable to be able to write as much as I would have loved to! I really do enjoy writing, and I enjoy sharing my life with my readers, on here and instagram. I want to grow my blog and write more intriguing post that are more than just me writing about me mental health journey.

I also would love to work on my fitness journey, I hurt my foot in March, and I am just now getting better enough to do my normal activities, so my next step is to get back in the gym. My bestie Tara and I have a project we are working on, which requires me to get back in the gym! Me getting back in the gym will be beneficial for me for more than just obvious physical reasons. Mentally working out helps to calm me, and it also just wears me out for lack of better words.

Summer is right around the corner and I am so very excited for summer vacation! I want to go in to summer living my best life, so that is going to require me to get off my bum and work.

What are your April goals? What do you have on the agenda for April? I am very excited to hear about what’s going on into your life! Post in the comments or tag me in your Instagram post!


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  1. April Goals: (1) set a new budget for myself. I got a new job so my finances will be different than the last 9 months. (2) Stay Active! I’m 6 months seizure free so I feel a little safer. (3) Go live with my blog!!!! – I’ve been consistent with IG but it’s time for the website.

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