Dia & Co Box Review

I’ve seen the Dia & Co box online and I had a free coupon to try it out, so I thought what the heck I will try it out. When I started this blog my goal was to be as transparent as possible, so I am not going to sugar coat this review. The box kinda sucked, to be completely honest, the quality on my first box was not great, and one of the item’s I got even had a hole in it. I hesitated big time about posting this review I really wanted to just send the stuff back and move on, but I thought that I would at least try on the stuff and see if it looked cuter in person, it did not, but at least I tried. I logged back on to the Dia & Co website and I put my feedback in, basically attempting to cancel my account and they gave me another free box, so I will give them another shot, and we will see if they can redeem it, but right now, I am not impressed. The clothes they picked for me looked like something a 45 year old tired school teacher would wear, sorry but I am not a tired school teacher and I will not wear old looking clothes. I will give them two thumbs up on the jeans and the necklace, although I did not choose to keep either of them because I have too many jeans that look just like the ones they sent me and I also have a necklaces just like the one they sent me, but they were the only two pieces in the box that were cute.

If you want to try your own Dia & Co style box I have provided a link with a coupon code for $20 off your first styling fee, which allows you to try the box for Free! Only pay for the things you love and keep!



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